DOUBLE BARREL BARBECUE We are a small, locally owned and operated family restaurant that's been in the BBQ business for over 20 years! Owned by the George Family, Eddie, Linda and son Shannon, who will all argue our BBQ is second to none. We hope you find that we have good reason for our position about the BBQ you’re about to taste. Keeping the menu small and simple allows us to focus on making what we do offer better than any other BBQ you've ever experienced!  “Signature Slow Smoked Roasted” meats, homemade sides, coupled with Eddie's secret seasonings and smoking technique’s (a secret only known by father and son) are what set Double Barrel BBQ apart from all other BBQ. Our signature recipes are guaranteed not to be duplicated, found at other restaurants or sold in any store. We truly hope you enjoy your meal and come back to see us time and time again! 2920 THOMAS DRIVE PANAMA CITY BEACH      850-249-3706